You Dirty Dogs Pet Grooming
Cats are welcomed too!
24401 Ann Arbor Trail, Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
313 724 3647 or 313 724 DOGS
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Welcome to You Dirty Dogs Pet Grooming, your source for many things “pets”. Please visit the You Dirty Dogs pages to learn more about our dog and cat grooming services.Browse through our Resources pages to access a wealth of valuable pet-related information.If you need a vet in the area, or want to adopt a pet or are having house breaking issues, don’t worry,You Dirty Dog Pet Grooming Can help.

And despite our name we are not all about dogs!  We love cats too!

Mission Statement

  • To groom pets in a style that is comfortable and appropriate for that pet.
  • To use grooming products that is safe for the pet and groomer.
  • To treat each pet with the same concern as we would show our own pets.
  • To inform pet owners of any health and behavior problems and, if possible, recommend a solution.
  • To educate owners about their pets in fun yet science based format.
  • To help pets communicate with their humans by providing a solution to a problem from the pets point of view.
  • To support local animal shelters and rescue groups.
  • And to enjoy our clients and their pets as friends
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