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Choosing a Groomer

Everyday You Dirty Dogs Pet Grooming get phone calls that ask “How much to groom my dog?" Most of the time the only answer they want is the dollar amount. ‘How’ we groom the pet, what product we use, the number of years of experience we have and other important questions seem irrelevant to most of the callers. Because we care about ALL pets, not just the ones we care for, below is a check list to consider when choosing a pet groomer.
  • How many years experience do the groomers have?
  • Where did they get their experience, Grooming School, dog shows, apprenticeships?
  • What products do you use and why?
  • What flea products do you use and why?
  • What is the procedure used when grooming a dog or cat?
  • When was the last time an animal was injured that was in your care and what happened?
  • Are they vet recommended and can you talk to that vet?
  • How are the pets dried, fluff dried on the table or caged dried?
  • Is the grooming area clean?
  • What is the procedure if a pet gets injured?
  • How long will my pet be at the salon?
  • How come puppies take longer then older pets?
  • How are senior pet handled?
  • How are difficult pet handled?
  • Are the groomers passionate about their job?
  • Do they work with local animal welfare groups?
  • How often do you attend grooming seminars?
  • Can you look around the grooming shop?
  • Are there books of breed grooms available to look at?
  • Are there any ‘pet trims’ that the groomer will not do?
  • Are they willing to show you how to groom your pet in between groomings?
  • How often do they recommend grooming for your pet?
  • Are there any breeds the groomer will not groom?
  • Can you stay and watch the pet being groomed?
  • What additional services does the groomer offer?
  • How are medical conditions handled? I.E. epilepsy, urinary incontinence, arthritis…
  • If needed, can grooming session be broken up?
  • Can the grooming salon offer references?
  • How often are the cages cleaned?
  • Are the cages the correct size for your pet?
  • How well maintained is the equipment?
  • What are your hours?
  • Can my pet stay overnight?
  • Does the groomer specialize in any breeds?
These are just some of the questions we would love to be asked when someone wants to know “How much do you charge to groom my pet?” If the groomer feels uncomfortable with answering any of these questions, it might be best to find someone whom you can answer all of your questions. Remember you are leaving your pet with someone, do you trust them to take as good care of your pet as you do?